Software Architecture

neo allows you to use three different application layers, depending on what kind of automation you need to realize.


neo runs real time linux based on Xenomai. The operator interface display is performed by QtEmbedded

Logic control

This application layer is used to create complex logic where there is no need to handle axes. In this scenario developers use IEC61131-3 logic and the system's graphical environment.

Motion control

motion control handles axes with electronic cams, incorporates the interpolation functions and DXF files reading. In this configuration, neo can freely interpolate up to 32 axes.

Numeric control

NC part is the "turnkey" option for the realization of a numerically controlled machining center. This application layer adds complete and customizable NC functionality.


neo PLC programming languages are compliant to IEC61131-3 standard. Motion functions adhere to PLCOpen Motion standard; Numeric control layer implements a customizable G-Code interpreter and path generation functions from a DXF file.

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