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We have made neo architecture scalable and efficient in any application. Whether it is used as a pure viewer or when it becomes a full CNC, neo maintains an unmatched price-performance ratio.


neo is in compliance to the XML standard IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen Motion. The built in CNC provides a GCode interpreter ready for use. In any variant two CANopen channels are always available to communicate with the field.


All software is contained in a microSD card. The software can be moved from one device to another just by copying a memory card. The device can be updated via Ethernet or USB pen drive. neo offers full support for remote assistance and remote control via VNC


With a customer-oriented design, the policarbonate faceplate is fully customizable. Using Qt Designer editor you can create system themes to standardize the products of the same manufacturer.


Logic, GUI and I/O are on the same device.


Up to 32 freely interpolable axes; hardware floating point; CAN jittering under 20us.

Software architecture

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EC61131-3 editor

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