Editor IEC 61131-3

versatile, powerful, standard, free


IEC Editor is provided for free. It allows to create neo applications in a Windows environment, integrating configuration, programming, debugging and simulation features.
IEC editor allows to program neo using IEC61131-3 compliant languages, such as IL, ST and Ladder.
You can protect your code enabling it to run ONLY on your devices.
It is possible to debug and monitor the code directly from PC while it's running on the device. The simulation environment let you test GUI and application on PC before upload it to neo.

Hardware Configuration

Hardware configuration window allows to edit PLC related parameters, CAN channels and nodes, and desired axes.
La schermata della configurazione hardware permette di editare i parametri relativi al PLC, canali e nodi can, e gli assi inseriti nella configurazione hardware.

Task Configuration

This allows task configuration (Init, Fast, Slow, Custom).
It is possible to link user and system tasks with POUs to be executed.
Here is where you define global variables

Ladder Editor

Using Contacts Logic you can visually create programs, inserting contacts, coils and functions.;br: Con la logica a contatti (LADDER), è possibile creare prorammi in modo visuale inserento contatti, bobine o funzioni.
During simulation or debug, variables state will be updated in real time on the scheme.

Structured Text Editor

Structured Text Editor allows to program the PLC with color highlighting.
Auto comp The autocompletion of variables reduces development time.
While debugging, you can see the status of the variables directly in the editing screen.

Instruction List Editor

Instruction list Editor allows you to code using standard instruction in IL format.
During debug variables will be updated to show theri states.

EDS Files selector

CAN nodes can be configured selecting EDS files from producers in the dedicated form.
Every node can be configured using these information:

Debugger / Analyzer

It is possible to monitor runtime application connecting to PLC or in simulation mode.

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